Jibacoa Bay is situated in an isolated gorgeous bay, bounded by green hills, at the north coast of Cuba. Tropical Jibacoa beach One of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, an ideal spot for nature lovers and for anyone looking for a relaxed vacation. Located halfway between Havana and Varadero, 67 km from the Havana, and about 58 km from the Varadero Airport. Just 12 km east from the fishing town of Santa Cruz del Norte. Visitors get to Jibacoa through road Via Blanca 6 km from the exit.

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Canadians enjoy vacation in Villa Jibacoa.

• Memories Jibacoa Hotel
All-inclusive 4 star resort, built on Jibacoa beach by Super-Clubs partnership with Gran Caribe. Resort with scenic grounds and plenty to do on an beautiful isolated Jibacoa beach.

• Villa Tropico Hotel
All-inclusive 3 star resort, offer wonderful setting, at one of the most beautiful beaches with excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling operated by Gran Caribe Hotels. Amazing staff, offer excellent costumer service.

• Entertainment:
Evening entertainment Cuban band plays nightly at the bar, Night Show, Disco Club.

• Beach Activities:
- Catamaran sailing
- Windsurfing
- Deep Sea Fishing
- Kayaking
- Pedal Boat
- Snorkelling
- Scuba Diving
- Scuba Diving lesson
- Tennis
- Hiking on hills
- Volleyball
- Water Aerobics
- Spanish lesson
- Salsa Dance lesson

Jibacoa's coral reef is making this an unforgettable place for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, because the quantity of tropical sea life beneath the surface is simply astounding. Diving classes are available for beginners at the hotels swimming pool.
Scuba Diving center, offer diving courses and immersions at the coral reef. Among the most tempting immersions is the visit to Sparta ships, military ship is now a favourite spot for divers. Price $ 25 per dive.


• Nature Tour Jibacoa
Jeep Safari Adventure departure from the hotel 08:30 am return 04:00 pm cost $ 69.00 per perso
n Safari Adventure include:
- Saturno Cave swimming and snorkelling
- Lunch
- Horse back riding
- Tour Bellamare Cave
- Tour Matanzas city
- Jeep ride in the beautiful Yamuri Valley

• Varadero Tour
departure from the hotel 08:30 am return 05:00 pm cost $ 25.00 per person
- Lunch

• Safari Cayo Blanco
Catamaran tour from Varadero marina, Varadero departure from the hotel 08:30 am return 05:30 pm cost $ 69.00 per person
- Open bar
- Lunch
- Coral Reefs snorkelling

• Swimming with Dolphins
Varadero, departure from the hotel 08:30 am return 05:00 pm cost $ 89.00 per person
- Lunch

• Havana Special
Day tour of Old Havana include an evening's entertainment at the Tropicana Night Club. departure from the hotel 09:30 am return 01:00 am cost $ 125.00 per person
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Cabaret Tropicana Show

• Havana Overnight
- Tropicana Night Club in Havana departure from the hotel 08:00 pm return 01:30 am cost $ 85.00 per person
- Cabaret Tropicana Show

Stunning long Jibacoa beach is perfect for relaxing and nature lovers, unforgettable Caribbean vacation spot between Havana and Varadero. You may wish to venture from your hotel to Jibacoa's old town and explore the beauty of the region, the area is famous for it's natural beauty rivers and hills.