If you are looking for an adventure that is physically active yet relaxing, mentally stimulating and spiritually uplifting, scuba diving and snorkeling amid the wonders of Cuban coral reef may be the ultimate answer.

Warm, clean water, great biodiversity, good conservation of it’s ecosystems, coral gardens, caves, meadows of gorgonians and sponges, underwater escarpments, narrow channels, tunnels, fish of many sizes and colors. Valuable remains of shipwrecked vessels and many natural beaches, cays and islets make it a place to challenge divers imagination.

This is what makes Cuba such a wonderful scuba diving destination the one that thousands of tourists and professionals prefer. In addition, this large area has a great variety of coralline formations in amazing shapes and colors, where many species of marine flora and fauna coexist in a delicate biological balance.

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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Centers on both the northern and southern coasts, some of the adjacent Cays that have been opened to divers and snorkels.
Main island of Cuba and its Cayos offers an exceptional diversity of marine life. These islets, which are practically surrounded by coralline formations, are of special interest to diving buffs. There are no strong marine currents and the area and the warm, calm unpolluted water is so clear that you can see through for 110 feet - 33 m. Since the broad insular shelf is relatively near the surface and Cuba is at the edge of the tropics, water temperature is usually between 22C - 72F to 29C - 84F.

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Scuba Diving and Snorkelling:
• Cayo Coco 18 diving sites
• Cayo Guillermo 14 diving sites
• Cayo Levisa 15 diving sites
• Cayo Largo 32 diving sites
• Cayo Santa Maria 26 diving sites
• Cayo las Brujas 16 diving sites
• Cayo Iguana - Ancon 26 sites
• Cayo Blanco - Trinidad 21 sites
• Bay of Pigs - Zapata 38 sites
• Playa Giron - Zapata 18 sites
• Caleta Buena - Zapata 10 sites
• Cienfuegos 46 diving sites
• Guajimico 16 diving sites
• El Colony 46 diving sites
• Guardalavaca Beach 20 sites
• Havana area 68 diving sites
• Jardines de la Reina 33 sites
• Marea del Portillo 17 sites
• Maria la Gorda 39 diving sites
• Cabo de San Antonio 26 sites
• Jibacoa Bay 18 diving sites
• Santa Lucia 28 Sharks sites
• Santiago de Cuba area 73 sites
• Varadero 32 diving sites

  Snorkelling in Cuba

Islands of Cuba offer over 500 Diving and 360 Snorkeling sites featuring spectacular underwater scenery.
Scuba Diving in Cuba is being developed on the basis of preserving the underwater ecosystems. Modern equipment is available for divers, and sites are located in the most beautiful natural areas of the insular shelf, many of which have been declared National Parks or protected areas.
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